AS BUILT PR SXSW & Beyond – Summer 2010 Sampler


Head over to the As Built PR Bandcamp and download the SXSW & Beyond Summer sampler we put together!  It features upcoming tracks from As Built artists and some of the finest bands in Boston at the moment. Unreleased tracks from Hands and Knees, Ketman, Broken River Prophet!  The biggest of ups to all the artists that allowed me to use their wonderful tunes.



  1. Andy Menudo – “What’s so Good about the Good Old Days”  
  2. Hands and Knees – “Sitting At the Piano Disappearing” *
  3. Girlfriends – “Good to Be True”
  4. Young Mammals – “Confetti”
  5. Doomstar! – “Rainbow Bloodsucker”
  6. WALLcreeper – “Should Have Known Better”
  7. Aficionado – “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met”
  8. Miniboone – “Devil in Your Eyes”
  9. The Big Big Bucks – “Futurecar”
  10. Young Adults – “Annulation”
  11. Guillermo Sexo – “Neon Lights”
  12. The Beatings – “All the Things You’ve Been Missing”
  13. Broken River Prophet – “Scraping a Living”
  14. Seamonster – “Oh, Appalachia”
  15. The Points North – “Girl From the North Country”
  16. Ketman – “Picaro”
  17. Quilt – “Falst Eto”

“It’s got the Bucks! And Quilt! And Girlfriends! And good lord, Hands and Knees and Doomstar! and Young Adults I LOVE BOSTON. Everyone say thank you to the dudes at As Built PR.”   Pilgrims of Sound 

The sampler was also featured on Largehearted Boy as apart of their Free Daily Download posts on April 6th.

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