AS BUILT PR SXSW 2011 & Beyond Sampler


Proud to present the next installment in our SXSW & Beyond series.  Hand assembled by yours truly, this comp features 24 (on the bandcamp) tracks of new and unreleased music from the artists we work with, booked in the past, and buddy rock bands that need to be heard.  There’s a little something for everyone on here, I feel that it represents a large range of the great artists we have coming out of Boston; Starting off with the jaunty 60’s pop of Mount Peru and ending with a taste of electronic beat music from my good friend Main Fader and a track from yours truly.  Thanks to all the bands for letting me use their tracks and Will Malizia for once again coming through with some forward thinking design.  Dig in!!



1.  Mount Peru – Summer Jinx <> From the album My Sweetheart the Destroyer, out January 2011.  Boston, MA

2.    Lord Jeff  – Asleepwalking <> From their S/T album, out now on Ecstatic Peace. Boston, MA

3.    The Maine Coons – Ghetto Queen <> From the S/T album, released February 2011 on AMDiscs.  Austin, TX

4.    DOOMSTAR! – Night At The Movies <> From the digital single released January 2011.

5.    Soccer Mom (A) Natural History <> From the upcoming You Are Not Going To Heaven 10”  out Spring 2011.  Boston, MA

6.    Soft Pyramids – Prisoner’s Tune <> From the debut release Electric Scenes, out March 2011.  Boston, MA

7.    Get Help – Its Only Your Head*  <> From the upcoming album The Good Green Earth, out May 2011 on Midriff Records. 

8.    The Beatings – Scapegoats  <> From the album Late Season Kids, out now on Midriff Records.  Boston, MA

9.    Broken River Prophet – Persephone* <> From the forthcoming album 7 Sermons for the Dead, out TBA 2011.  Boston, MA

10.Heavy Water Experiments Hermes Told Me So <> From the 7” Single, out now. Los Angeles, CA 

11.Ghost Box Orchestra Oh The Moon Hangs Low <> From the album The Only Light On, out now.

12. Guillermo Sexo Skyline* <> From an upcoming EP, out Spring 2011.  Boston, MA

13.Quilty Lizard Queen <> From the digital Black Hole, released October 2010. 

14.You and Your Pointy Ears You Have a Long Way to Meet the Devil <> rom the digital single, released December 2010.  Boston, MA

15.Earthquake Party! – BRAINS! <> From the Summer 2010 Demos.  Boston, MA

16.Future Carnivores – (And You Call Yourself a) Carnivore? <> From the February 2011 Demos.  Boston, MA

17. QUILT – Children of the Light* <>  From the upcoming album Gome, Summer 2011.  Boston, MA 

18.The Hogstompers – Whats West of The Sun* <> From a forthcoming 2011 release.  Boston, MA

19.Chris North & The Dream Parade – Architects of love and Forgiveness <> From the S/T EP out released December 2010.  Boston, MA

20.Main Fader – Keepings Cosmic Company <> From a forthcoming 2011 release.  Boston, MA

21.MEDALLION – Get Pitted!! <>  From the Taylor Dunes CS out on AMDiscs Summer 2011.  Boston, MA

Newly added tracks from rad Boston acts that made the trek!

22. Static of the Gods – Lake Effect <> From an upcoming EP, Summer 2011.  Boston, MA

23. Young Adults – Drifing <> From the album Black Hole, out Feb 2011 on AMDiscs.  Boston, MA

24. Old Bricks Limb

ENJOY!!!  I still have 30 or so left so if you would like one of them, send over an email!

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