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AS BUILT PResents: WED 3/26 @ O’Brien’s

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Guillermo Sexo playing Rumble Sunday April 6th at TT’s

Guillermo Sexo will be up against some stiff competition opening night of the 2014 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble sharing the bill with AS BUILT friends Sinnet, Rebuilder, and 2013 Boston Calling band and favorites Tigerman WOAH.  Check out the other preliminary

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Guillermo Sexo selected for 35th Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble

  “Guillermo Sexo are a Boston based band all about “the song.” Songs that echo with fuzzed out intensity, dense dreamy mood swings, and psych-pop songcraft, they creatively combine raw elements of punk, shoegaze and psych-folk, they whittle them into

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