SA.SHFTcover Streight Angular – Super Party Fun Time! (Feb 2014)

Guillermo Sexo press300199 Guillermo Sexo – Dark Spring

HEKTIKMAIN  Hektik Sound

LivingKillsFacelessAngelsArtwork The Living Kills – Faceless Angels 


Past Media Kits

Guillermo Sexo - Sercret Wild Rough Artwork 400<< Guillermo Sexo – Secret Wild 

SPES350350 << Soft Pyramids – Electric Scenes

Hermes Told You So Front Cover 280<< Heavy Water Experiments – Hermes Told Me So 7″ 

doomstar - rainbow bloodsucker album cover  << DOOMSTAR! – Rainbow Bloodsucker

<< The Big Big Bucks – Crucial Shmooze (Static Eye Records)

GS Vivid Nights for web << Guillermo Sexo – Vivid Nights

YM-CarrotsAlbumSmall << Young Mammals – Carrots

thepointsnorthISAScover << The Points North – I Saw Across The Sound

handsandkneesettufluffy << Hands and Knees – Et Tu Fluffy?

GSMagicLanterns << Guillermo Sexo – Magic Lanterns

Miniboone – Big Changes EP

Mittens – Fools on a Holiday

Anthems for Odyssey – Come Blister the Sea



Future Carnivores

Grownup Noise

Soccer Mom