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Streight Angular – “Will Smith” [Official Video]

Dig deep into the brand new Streight Angular video for “Will Smith”, the first single off Super Party Fun Time!  It was produced by Wild Barney Productions and features Allston superhero Robby Potylo from Quiet Desperation. SPFT! Release show this Saturday 3/2 at

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Guillermo Sexo – “Fall Lens” Video

Guillermo Sexo just released the first video for a track off their new album “Dark Spring”.  The video for Fall Lens was recorded by Reuben and Ed Gutierrez, and edited by Reuben and Ryan. Thanks to Michael Marotta for featuring it

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The Living Kills – And You Scream Live at Parkside Lounge, NYC

The Living Kills perform “And You Scream” at Cavestomp! The Garage Rock Festacular at Parkside Lounge, New York, New York. Filmed by Pete Santilli.

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Live videos from Many Mansions, Birthdays, Lord Jeff, Anna Fox Fox

  A many thanks to Dank (aka Main Fader), Brendan, and Asteroid M for providing the visuals and recordings for an all around legendary night.  Shout out to the extremely drunk kid that was REALLY into the tunes!!    

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New Guillermo Sexo video for “Neon Lights”

Check out the haunting and perfectly timed new video for Guillermo Sexo’s single “Neon Lights” which premiered last Wednesday at Zuzu’s Penguin Club dance night.  The scenes in “Neon Lights” are compiled from shots amongst the many Allston’ landmarks including

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MMOSS live clip from last Wednesdays AS BUILT PResents show

I really can’t get enough of MMOSS’ album “i” at the moment.  I highly recommend that everyone gives it a full listen and it’s currently downloadable for whatever you feel it’s worth at their BANDCAMP page, so really you have no

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