DOOMSTAR! – Rainbow Bloodsucker

DOOMSTAR!Rainbow Bloodsucker EP A1 Handsome ManA2 Kitty KittyA3 Lily FaceA4 Rainbow BloodsuckerB1 Sharon MitchelB2 Gimmee SomeB3 Ronald Ray-GunB4 You Can Hide~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~ Rainbow Bloodsucker album art onesheetDoomstar! press 1 press 2 press 3 to listen to Side to purchase Rainbow 

DOOMSTAR! – Rainbow Bloodsucker EP (Grandma + Grandpa Records)

A1 Handsome Man

A2 Kitty Kitty

A3 Lily Face

A4 Rainbow Bloodsucker MP3

B1 Sharon Mitchel

B2 Gimmee Some

B3 Ronald Ray-Gun

B4 You Can Hide

RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, Blood on the Wall, No Age

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Rainbow Bloodsucker is the 2nd release by Doomstar! of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Like its predecessor Colors, it was recorded and mixed in a week by the band and Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth).  Consisting of 8 songs and falling just under 26 minutes, Doomstar! take the songwriting displayed on their debut and concentrate it like a reduction on Rainbow Bloodsucker, intensifying the flavors and hitting the aural palate quicker. Guitarist Spenser Gralla and drummer Noah Bond exchange their share of yelps, whoas, and other syllables on songs like “Handsome Man” and “Kitty Kitty” while bassist Jeff Johnson maintains a foundation of rhythmic fuzz.

DOOMSTAR!’s sound spans the void between a summer car ride and a tidal wave. Heavily drenched in massive amounts of reverb, fuzz, and delay, DOOMSTAR! creates grandiose pop anthems as seen through the distorted lens of 90s indie nostalgia and 60’s psychedelia and R&B. Influence aside, the fundamental unit of all of DOOMSTAR!’s music is their relentless energy.


Rainbow Bloodsucker and Colors are both available for sale at, and available physically on CD and 12” vinyl through their own label Grandma & Grandpa Records.

Shared stages with Mission of Burma, Apollo Sunshine, Drug Rug, Thank You, Mi Ami, Wooden Shijps, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Beach Fossils, and others.


“60‘s style R&B a la The Pretty Things collide head-first with a jangly entanglement of treble and echo laden garage stomp brutality.  This is the surf rock for oil contaminated beaches (topical metaphor alert!) “   The Decibel Tolls  5.29.10

“The song seems to thrash around in its own shutterspeed, half-blurred and half-slowed down all at once.  THe vocals caterwaul in their own blurred dimension, like a garage band died and is hosting the most rip-roaring house show ever in the afterlife and you are hearing it through your walls at 2:00 AM.  Like any powerful, mind-bending drug, this song does not slow down or calm itself for any reason, putting its head down and then bulling through any obstacle in its way.”  CD On Songs, Boston Band Crush  3.26.10

Doomstar! seem to have been teleported here from the ’60s, a band of unassuming musical hobos who picked up some Minutemen rhythmic turbulence along the way.  The Boston Phoenix 3/9/09 :: more