Hands and Knees – Et tu Fluffy?

handsandkneesettufluffy Hands and Knees – Et tu, Fluffy? LP

Released April 28th, 2009

on Midriff Records

01 Midnight in the Applefield

02 Hot Little Item

03 You Thought It’d Make You Feel Better

04 A Great Pain

05 Blue Day Moon

06 You Got Pop, You Got Style

07 Anywhere But Here

08 Do You Really Need a Drummer?

09 We Are the Man Who Cannot Fly

10 Shove It Up Your Heart

11 Whatever Happened to that Beautiful City?

 Hands and Knees’ sophomore album, Et tu, Fluffy? Set for release April 28th, Et tu, Fluffy? ranges from tracks that will give you a much needed kick start to the day, such as “Blue Night Moon” and “You Got Pop, You Got Style“, to jangly pop perfection with “A Great Pain” and “Hot Little Item.” More than anything else, Boston’s Hands and Knees is a band who enjoys the hell out of playing their music, which upon first listen is immediately apparent. With 11 songs clocking in at just over 35 minutes, Et tu, Fluffy? is the perfect length for Hands and Knees’ brand of short and to the point upbeat pop. Midriff Records will be putting out this perfectly timed spring release. Summer tour dates coming soon!


The Et tu, Fluffy? CD release show is on April 30th at Great Scott in Allston, MA. If you are in the area and want to attend, please email me.

Highlight tracks: #2 Hot Little Item, #4 A Great Pain, #11 Whatever Happened to that Beautiful City?

Throughout the 11-song album, Hands and Knees take you from a jam in your friend’s basement to a lighter-heavy encore at your favorite local music venue —Northeast Performer, July 2009 :: more

Praise about H&K + Et tu, Fluffy:

The Hands and Knees debut is absolutely one of the best records of ’09. Et Tu Fluffy takes on a modern indie/alt-country dance with Hot Little Item, a swirling, slowly climbing homage to a girl that I swear to god could have come from Roy Orbison.”      

– Ryan’s Smashing Life – Best 2009

Pop at its root core, but very rough around the edges and delivered with some ferocity to it.  Et tu, Fluffy? will keep your head moving and the mixture of boy/girl vocals of Joe O’Brien and Carina Kelly work flawlessly.  The Weekly Tape Deck

“You got Pop, You got Style”  – Mp3 Of The Week The Boston Phoenix 

“Midnight in the Applefield” sounds like Blitzen Trapper (on their first album) backing up Isaac Brock while they’re all slightly toasted… and it sounds good.” You Ain’t No Picasso

A lot of times Et Tu, Fluffy? strikes me as an album that gets put on as the party is winding down, or for those weekends that have hardly been spent with a foot inside your own home. Just an all around solid dose uplifting pop that certainly deserves any attention that is thrown its way.  Built on a Weak Spot