For a detailed overview of our campaigns and rates email Mike Rodriguez at

New Release Campaigns>>  We customize a press campaign around your style and sound.  Your music will be sent to our growing list of physical and digital media outlets as well as tastemakers that can help push the release.  We specialize in new media outlets, but also send to relevant print outlets, international publications and your local print newspapers/zines.  We run campaigns for any and all formats, digital, vinyl, tape, cd, coffee mugs, the more unique the better.  We offer full run campaigns which run between 3 and 4 months and short campaigns (usually for digital and short run releases) for 2 months.

Monthly Press Retainer>>  If you’re serious about having a career in music today, maintaining awareness and keeping your fans and press in the loop is essential.

Management>> Lets talk.

Boston and New England Booking>>  Looking to play Boston or book a New England tour??

Record Release Booking & Promotion>>  We can help you book and promote your Boston record release show.  We reach out to all local print and web press and spread the word through all AS BUILT social media channels.

Label Campaign>>  We get your music into the hands of labels that fit your sound.