Young Mammals – Carrots

Young MammalsCarrots LP 01 Confetti02 84803 Dragon’s Wagon04 Weather Bee05 Wires & Buttons06 Analogue07 Stay To the Left08 The Man in the Cannon09 Mosquitobot10 DuckCarrots onesheet :: Young Mammals press 1 press 2

Young Mammals – Carrots LP

01 Confetti

02 848

03 Dragon’s Wagon

04 Weather Bee

05 Wires & Buttons

06 Analogue

07 Stay To the Left

08 The Man in the Cannon

09 Mosquitobot

10 Duck

Young Mammals – “Confetti” (MP3)

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Carrots is the debut album from Young Mammals of Houston.  Recorded in their hometown with producer and Grammy Award-winner Steve Christensen, Carrots shows a real sophistication within the pop realm. Already featured on the Urban Outfitters blog, opener and single “Confetti” serves as the perfect initiation. The Daily Texan wrote, “[it] rumbles with an intoxicating combination of avant-garde noise and traditional guitar hooks and drum breaks. The marriage of traditional pop with experimental noise makes for arrangements that always surprise.”

While recording Carrots, Young Mammals continued to build their live reputation, opening for bands like The Walkmen, Dr. Dog, Ratatat, HEALTH, and showcasing at SXSW in 2008 and 2009. They channeled their experiences and energy into ten songs that make up Carrots, and enlisted some of their friends and local musicians to help build upon the wall of sound they created.

Young Mammals embarked on a 2009 summer tour to preview songs from Carrots, playing shows in various cities along the east coast. The tour ended with a live performance at the Houston Free Press Summer Festival alongside Broken Social Scene, of Montreal, and Explosions in the Sky. Most recently, the CMJ offered Young Mammals an official showcase at the 2009 Music Marathon. Houston Free Press proclaims, “This is one Houston band that – high gas prices or not – needs to get on the road, take it to the people, and show them how it’s done.”

Young Mammals are brothers Jose and Carlos Sanchez, Cley Miller, and Andrew Ortiz.

“They play raw and loose, with complex songs built around fire and ice dynamics of restrained verses, exploding choruses and linear bridges between the verses of their songs that give them life from start to finish.—002Houston Magazine, November 2006 :: more

“Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen [Young Mammals] perform in tiny venues like Club 1808 in Austin and Butterfly Lounge and people are always crammed wall to wall in sweaty goodness to see them play. Describing their music as energetic really is doing a disservice to how fun and animated their live performances are. —I Keep Mine Hidden, 7/7/09 :: more